High Alpine Institute Ftan
  • Established in 1793, HIF lies in the picturesque Engadine region above the village of Ftan with a breathtaking view
  • One of the oldest private schools in Engadine for young people between 13 and 20 years old
  • Educational direction and schooling specifically and entirely aimed at the individual
  • Official director of training groups of the Cantonal Ski Association for snowboarding and Nordic skiing
  • Official regional training centre for the Swiss Alpine Ski Association
School profile

Established in 1793 by the Protestant minister Andrea Rosius à Porta (1754 - 1838), the High Alpine Institute Ftan (HIF) is an international school in the Swiss region of Lower Engadine which is firmly anchored in its impressive natural surroundings. The school offers an up-to-date and diverse higher education for young people between 13 and 20 years of age from all over the world. HIF regards itself as the school of life for future leaders where performance-orientated students from different cultural backgrounds come to the gorgeous mountain world of Engadine to be prepared for a successful future.

@ High Alpine Institute Ftan

At this high altitude school, it is a case of personality building and character development in the spirit of future leadership. Here, talents in all sectors of education are individually challenged and encouraged – performance orientated and with clear leadership, but in a kind, informal environment. HIF is a school that is steeped in tradition but at the same time modern. It is its goal that students achieve the highest level of education, so that they can meet their own objectives.

Individual Encouragement Discipline Performance Leadership Quality in Both Education and Sports Humanity Nature

Core advantages

Learning against a gorgeous backdrop

HIF lies in the picturesque Engadine region above the village of Ftan on a sunny platform with a breathtaking view of the Engadine Dolomites. Young people can find their role in life on this unique stage and develop freely and undisturbed, well away from the hustle and bustle and noise.

Sport Classes: Developing personalities in school and sport

HIF is one of the most successful Swiss sports schools and is the official director of training groups of the Cantonal Ski Association (Bündner Skiverband, BSV) for snowboarding and Nordic skiing. Furthermore, HIF is an official regional training centre for the Swiss Alpine Ski Association. HIF offers an ideal academic and sporting environment for competitive and recreational athletes in the disciplines of cross country skiing, Alpine skiing, freestyle skiing, Alpine snowboarding and freestyle snowboarding as well as ice hockey.
Curriculum system

Education for Optimal Encouragement and Development

HIF believes in individual encouragement, which means that its educational direction and schooling are specifically and entirely aimed at the individual. The Institute’s founder, Andreas Rosius à Porta urged both parents and teaching staff to deal affectionately and in a friendly manner with the strengths and weaknesses of each individual. In a climate of mutual consideration, teaching staff and other employees supervise young people from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds during their school education and personal development.

  • Boarding school

    Live together, learn together

    HIF is known both internally and externally for its informal ambience. In this very personal environment, your child will get the opportunity to learn for life, supported in every respect around the clock, as well as experiencing school in a completely new light. The HIF employees in the boarding school are there for students 24/7 to take care of their every need. They support students during study time and organise an extensive range of leisure activities. Students have at their disposal their own comfortable rooms and a large number of common rooms.

  • Secondary school

    A good basis for different perspectives

    Secondary school lasts three years and creates an important educational foundation for further schools or starting a profession. Independent thinking, oral expression and artistic skills are encouraged, as are a determination to perform and a sense of personal responsibility. Anyone who likes has the ideal opportunity here to prepare for the acceptance examinations for grammar school or upper-secondary specialized school.

  • Grammar school

    Optimum preparation for university

    The grammar school offers a broad-ranging general education as the ideal preparation for university. It facilitates examination-free access to university, as well as admission to Federal examinations in medicine. Taking centre stage, apart from the transfer of knowledge, is the development of working techniques and problem-solving strategies that are commensurate with age and level. Working independently and project work in a team are particularly worthy of mention here.

  • Upper-secondary specialised school

    Extended general education, promoting the development of individual personalities

    The upper-secondary specialised school provides a broad-ranging, general education and, as well as technical skills, also teaches self-competence, social skills and methodological competence. It provides optimal preparation for ongoing vocational training in the health, social work and education sectors. A specialised baccalaureate facilitates access to technical universities.

Teaching characteristics

A broad array of athletic activities in the beautiful natural surroundings

In addition to numerous activities which are organised both by the boarding house team as well as in collaboration with the students, there are also a number of facilities which students have at their disposal for daily and individual use.

The beautiful natural surroundings of the Lower Engadin invite students to try out a broad array of athletic activities, including but not limited to:

Summer Rock climbing
Horseback riding
Mountain biking

Winter Cross-country
Alpine skiing

In the immediate vicinity of the school there is a chair lift which provides access directly to the ski area of Motta Naluns. Cross-country tracks as well as sledging and hiking trails are at the doorstep. Indeed, doing sport, making friends and learning successfully, all in the midst of a fantastic natural backdrop is business as usual in Ftan.
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