Brand story
From Birth to Revival

Chopard, Legend of 19th Century Watches
Louis-Ulysse Chopard, founder of Chopard, was a young and talented watchmaker, learning technical prowess of watchmaking since his childhood. In 1860, Louis-UlysseChopard with great ambition set up his own shop, and grew to be the very backbone of Swiss watchmaking in the 19th century.

The Karl Scheufele Company and the takeover of Chopard
Keen on the famous quality of Swiss made products, in 1963 Karl Scheufele acquired Chopard, keeping the pursuit of innovation and outstanding quality. Chopard gained worldwide reputation and became celebrities' optimal choice.

The Heirs of the Scheufele Family
Karl and Karin remain as the Chairmen. Their children Karl-Friedrich and Caroline have played an active part in the company and are Chopard's current co-presidents. They each showed their independence: brother Karl-Friedrich manages the men's collections, namely watch section while Caroline Scheufele is responsible of the ladies' collections which is jewelry section.

Core Value
  • Independence Is A Defining Value of Chopard

    In harmony with its past and with Chopard's pragmatic philosophy, independence is the primary value of the company. As such, production has reached a high level of vertical integration to ensure the ability to decide and create freely. At the same time, it allows the Chopard group to maintain a permanent level of high quality and constant innovation, keeping the Swiss knowledge alive through the generations.

  • The Audacity to Be Creative

    Success is the child of audacity. It requires a delicate balance between the determination to promote company growth and the ability to take calculated risks. Each Chopard creation has its own story, and creativity is both encouraged and supported in each field of activity. From the Design and R&D teams in Geneva who carry the Swiss expertise, to our customer sales attendants in each boutique, every member of the Chopard family strives to bring a unique touch.

The Journey to Sustainable Luxury.

For several years now, Chopard has been demonstrating its commitment to social responsibility, indeed placing it at the very core of its values. A certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council (RJC), a leading environmental, social and ethical standard setting organisation, Chopard has created together with Livia Firth, founder and creative director of Eco-Age, a programme named The Journey to Sustainable Luxury. First launched in May 2013 at the 66th Cannes Film Festival, this major project is expressed through concrete actions designed to nurture the development of sustainable luxury. The Swiss watchmaker-jeweller thereby commits to sourcing materials from suppliers openly displaying responsible social and environmental practices. The latter have given rise to new Haute Joaillerie creations grouped within the Green Carpet Collection.

Cooperation with Cannes
Chopard, creator of a Palme d'Or glowing with lasting radiance

The Palme d'Or is the ultimate symbol of the Cannes Film Festival, annually rewarding the best film in the official selection. Redesigned by Caroline Scheufele in 1998 and crafted each year since in the Chopard workshops, it has been made since 2014 from ‘Fairmined' certified gold, testifying to the approach initiated by Chopard and aimed at promoting sustainable and ethical jewellery.

@ Chopard

The undisputed emblem of the world's most glamorous film event, the Palme d'Or also symbolises the exceptional relationship between the Swiss jeweller and the Cannes Film Festival. Redesigned in 1998 by Caroline Scheufele at the request of Pierre Viot, then President of the event, the new interpretation of the trophy marked the start of a partnership that has been steadily strengthened ever since. By enhancing it with ethically sustainable qualities, Chopard and the Cannes Film Festival began writing a new chapter in their shared history and boldly proclaimed their determination to work towards a luxury that is both civic-minded and respectful of the environment.

SCC's exclusive access
SCC guests have the privilege to participate in events that are exclusive to Chopard and SCC. Chopard can also arrange for special SCC guests to attend their most exclusive events, such as The Cannes Film Festival in France. VIP guests walk on the glamour Red Carpet and meet famous celebrities, such as Julianne Moore, Cate Blanchett, Julia Roberts, Juliette Binoche, Marion Cotillard, Gerard Depardieu, Colin Firth and many more wearing Chopard jewelry and watches and enjoy the pure French chic.

Explore the Essence of Chopard
SCC has exclusive access for our core guests to visit Chopard’s factories and museum in Meyrin and Fleurier.
Chopard can also arrange for SCC guests a visit in Bourgogne of the castle and vineyards which belongs to the Scheufele family. Karl Friedrich Scheufele, together with his wife Christine, acquired the Chateau Monestier La Tour in January 2012, a major wine estate in the region of Bergerac. The wine estate comprises over 100 hectares including 30 hectares of vineyards of the Bergerac AOC appellation. Bergerac is part of the Dordogne department in Southwestern France.

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