Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne
School profile

Ecole Hoteliere de Lausanne, or EHL, was established in the French-speaking region of Caux in 1893. It is the first hospitality management school in the world and the only one that was accredited by the Federal Government of Switzerland, the US Government and the Central Government of China. The school is well-known for its meticulous education and the combination of traditions and modernity, aiming at displaying the characteristics of traditional hotels in its teaching practice and demonstrating the essence of modern hospitality management.

As the best representative of ASEH, EHL provides students with BA degree courses in hospitality management and EMBA courses. Graduates are granted with different diplomas and degrees from three different countries, namely Switzerland, US and UK. In the meantime, the school will also arrange students to do internships in all sorts of hotels, which helps them associate theoretical knowledge with hands-on experience and find potential job opportunities. EHL is equipped with a great many first-rate facilities, including more than 300 housing studios, restaurants, fitness rooms, tennis courts, etc.

Curriculum system

BA courses in EHL are widely recognized to be the best in the world, including five distinct university-level courses:

  • Certificate In Food and Beverage Management
  • Swiss Diploma In Hotel Operational Management
  • Swiss Higher Diploma In Hotel Management And Tourism
  • American AH&MA Hotel Association Diploma
  • BA(Honours) Degree in Hospitality Management
  • Masters of Arts in International Tourism Management
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Teaching characteristics

The teaching characteristics of EHL are its integration of theory and practice. Their teaching methods are featured by a combination of teaching knowledge and actual operation. Great importance is attached to this principle in terms of curriculum setting, faculty building, textbook drafting and student management. EHL has laid down strict procedures to select teachers, most of who has years of working experience in hotels and some of who even took such senior roles as GM. In order to keep the faculty at a high level, EHL offers well-paid salaries, encourages teachers to take on certain role in enterprises and even introduce them to companies as part-time consultants, thus maintaining our EHL mode with business management practice for teachers.

Accreditations: HES-SO, the Chinese Ministry of Education and NEASC

Teaching achievement
For more than a century, EHL has trained a world of elites who work in such industries as hospitality management, leisure, tourism and other related areas including banking, auditing, real estate, asset and financial management, consulting, marketing, luxury brand management, etc. Ever since its inception, the school has so far cultivated 30,000 industry talents that are based in 123 countries, 37% of who are GMs, CEOs and presidents, forming a powerful and celebrated network of alumni. It is estimated that 9 presidents or chairmen out of 16 in large-scale hotel groups graduated from EHL.

What EHL graduates have learned in the school and their capabilities fostered will accompany them in any industry in every part of the world all the way to top management positions.
Distinguished Alumni

Georges Plassat
CEO at Carrefour Group

Christophe Sadones
President at Louis Vuitton Greater China Region

Chris Norton
Vice President of Product Operation at Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts

Admission procedure
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  • 2.The visit to the school
  • 3.Entrance tests
  • 4.Deposit
  • 5.Enrolment
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