Medical Health Center and Clinic Bad Ragaz

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is a leading wellbeing and medical health resort at the foot of the Swiss Alps among the picturesque mountain landscape of the Heidiland Holiday Region. The resort is 3 hours' drive to Munich and just one hour's drive Zurich.
The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz has long-standing experience in the care of convalescent patients, who have been using the therapeutic and healing thermal water from the nearby Tamina gorge to relieve their complaints for centuries. The Grand Resort Bad Ragaz has continued this tradition with the Medical Health Center and the Clinic Bad Ragaz, which opened in 2014.

Medical Health Center
Professional Healthcare

The Medical Health Center of the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is renowned for providing highly specialized medical, therapeutic and expert team services to guests to improve their health.

@ Medical Health Center and
Clinic of Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

Keeping up and improving the health of guests is the responsibility of 30 professional doctors and therapists, who will tailor the needs of every guest to customized courses of treatment and support. The highest level in comprehensive services in the areas of diagnostics, prevention and rehabilitation includes:

Check-up & Diagnostics Rheumatology, Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation Nutrition, Workout & Metabolic Optimizing Therapy, Movement & Sports Medicine Mental Health Dermatology, Med Skin Care & Laser Center Aesthetic & Plastic surgery Dental Health & Implantology Gynaecology & Fertility Ophthalmology Complementary Medicine


The Grand Resort is making history once again, setting an important milestone for rehabilitation treatment in Switzerland: in the newly opened Clinic Bad Ragaz, patients can benefit from a unique combination of first-class inpatient rehabilitation and exclusive five-star care services, including:

  • Musculoskeletal rehabilitation
  • Internal-oncological rehabilitation
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