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St. Moritz is a unique ski resort, the mere mention of its name is strangely compelling and brings to mind all manners of stunning imagery. It was here, 1,856 metres above the sea level, in the heart of the spectacular Upper Engadin lakes district, that the notion of winter holidays and present-day winter sports were born, and where Olympic Winter Games were held on two occasions. The first electric light, the first skiing school, and Switzerland's first electric tram are among the pioneering feats in St. Moritz's long list of achievements. And yet: St. Moritz originally rose to prominence due to its mineral springs, which have been attracting visitors from all over the world, and lay the foundation for its spa tradition. The St. Moritz sun logo and lettering have been used to promote the world's most famous winter holiday destination for over 80 years.


Fresh air at an altitude of 1800-3303 meters

Sunny, full of fantastic "champagne climate"

UNESCO World Heritage site

Winter tourism was invented in St. Moritz 150 years ago

Held two Winter Olympic Games in 1928 and 1948, five FIS Ski World Championships

Famous ski resort in the world with the most legendary luxury hotels

Ski Resorts

Enjoy your mountain adventure
on the Engadin high plateau

The Engadin mountains are among the most beautiful destinations in Switzerland. Indeed, the mountains here are higher, the flora and fauna more diverse, the sun brighter and more frequent and the mountain sports available almost limitless. It's the 'wow!' effect and the locals are able to enjoy their entire lives, making them proud inhabitants of this region. It's also the happiness they feel whenever tourists rave about the mountains here. And it's the unique history, one that includes the birth of winter tourism here in St. Moritz. There's so much to experience here, winter and summer. Muottas Muragl for instance boasts the most beautiful views of the Engadin lake plateau and the Corviglia is arguably the world's best known skiing mountain.

  • Corviglia

    Experience mountain challenges
    In winter, Corviglia ranks among the world's most renowned ski areas; in summer, it's one of the most up-and-coming mountain bike regions around; in fact, right now it's still something of an insider's tip. Snow and meadows, hiking boots versus ski boots – the Corviglia is the sports mountain bar none. And it's precisely here that, more than 150 years ago, the very first skiers ventured down its slopes.

  • Muottas Muragl

    The place of relaxation
    Inspiration, art, and enjoyment: Muottas Muragl is the counterpart to the lively and very sporty Corviglia – it's the creative streak and a place of rest and relaxation, ideal for enjoying a spot of idleness. Anyone looking for a workout either before or after experiencing the culinary excellence of the Romantik Hotel will not be disappointed. Indeed, Muottas Muragl is ideal for hiking in summer and snowshoe trekking in winter. And there's plenty of thrills for action fans, too, with the fastest toboggan run in the Engadin. In fact, this earthly spot is simply magical.

A World of Top Events

People who are inclined to be sporty will be thrilled by the Olympic Bob Run St. Moritz–Celerina and the Cresta Run, two legendary bobsleigh and skeleton institutions. Top events on the frozen Lake St. Moritz such as the White Turf horse races and the Snow Polo World Cup are just as legendary. They have long become the extravagant social highlights in St. Moritz's remarkable calendar of events that so far counted five Alpine World Ski Championships.

Olympic Bob Run

Cresta Run

White Turf Horse Races

Snow Polo World Cup

Mountain Adventures

From the lush alpine meadows shimmering with flowers to the idyllic mountain lakes and the bewitching glaciers of the Bernina massif, the sun-blessed Engadin is a delight to discover in summer and winter. The views of the Alpine peaks all around and of the chain of lakes along the valley floor are unforgettably breathtaking.

  • Biking

    Let it flow: that's the motto when it comes to this fashionable summer sports.

  • Hiking

    Enjoy the nature by doing some hikes on Corviglia.

  • Running

    No matter whether orienteering or scaling the almost vertical ascent to Piz Nair - runners on Corviglia really get into a sweat.

  • Skiing

    World's most high-profile ski resort.

  • Snowshoeing

    Prospects for romantics-at-heart are excellent along this trail – particularly in the evening light.

  • Winter Hiking

    A winter hike as an ideal way to experience the peaceful winter in the Engadin.

  • Toboggan Run

    High speeds and hairpin bends: the toboggan run promises unforgettable thrills.

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